We are a disaster consultant company located in upstate New York with extensive experience with the FEMA Public Assistance Program. We specialize in comprehensive recovery-strategy-development and implementation. Our clients are grant recipients of the FEMA Public Assistance Program & the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and are located all over the country – wherever disasters strike.

Our services provide executives with a basis for sound decision-making and create methods to expedite funding from FEMA. Our disaster consultants provide on-site assistance to assess the impacts of the disaster, determine your capability to respond effectively and provide proven strategies tailored to your needs for Recovery plan-development and implementation services. Our goal is to maximize your financial recovery so that your organization can return to its primary mission.

Once the strategic goals and objectives are determined the next step is the hands on approach to work with FEMA and state representatives to document your losses on project worksheets. We can coordinate meetings and inspections, prepare your engineers, guide department heads on the creation of cost documentation and manage FEMA’s expectations to be aligned with your organization’s recovery needs.

We control third-party access and ensure a consistent message is communicated. Our FEMA consultants maximize each damage claim by ensuring all expended dollars are accounted for, that a fair and accurate estimate is created and that all hazard mitigation funding opportunities are considered and funded. 

After the initial phase of documenting the disaster damage is complete our ability to manage the long-term grants process can ensure that you’re able to keep and maintain the promised funds and that cash flows are predictable. Simmons Recovery has proven administrative methods that reduce the risk of de-obligations because of improper procurements or regulatory compliance failures. We will guide you along the path to rebuilding and be your lifeline to recovery.

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