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FEMA Grants Request for Larger – Code Compliant Fire House

Dateline June 2015

After Irene destroyed the existing fire house in the Village of Schoharie, NY, FEMA granted a relocation project to a safer site – outside of the floodplain after Simmons Recovery demonstrated the facility was a perfect fit for a relocation project. But when the plans for the new facility were submitted for approval FEMA expressed concerns regarding the increased square footage and balked at funding.

Simmons Recovery worked with FEMA to demonstrate that:

  • The original firehouse was designed in 1955 for 8 pieces of apparatus and was approximately 9,000 sf.
  • The new firehouse designed for 8 pieces of apparatus and will have to be approximately 14,000 to accommodate 2014 standards.

This 59% increase in size is an eligible cost because it was supported by modern design standards while still having the original capacity for 8 trucks. As trucks have become much bigger since 1955, so have the requirements to move safely around the trucks while stored in the garage.

The Environmental Assessment for the new facility is already complete and ground breaking for the new fire house should begin in the fall of 2015.


“The brave men and women of Niagara Engine Company No. 6 voluntarily put their lives on the line to protect Schoharie County residents from dangerous fires. And for far too long, they were working out of a temporary facility because FEMA put up bureaucratic red tape that prevented them from building a new fire house,” said Senator Schumer. “But today, I am pleased to announce that FEMA has heeded our call and approved these critical federal funds that will build a new facility outside the floodplain. Now, these funds will ensure the Niagara Engine Company No. 6 will no longer have to worry about floods and storms posing a danger to their building and instead focus on protecting residents. This is a critical investment that will keep Schoharie County safe and make sure our firefighters have the resources they need to do their jobs properly and save lives.”

Read more from an Article on Senator Charles E.Schumer’s website.

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