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Dateline September 2015

The Town of Conewango, in western New York, was working with FEMA to document their losses from a May, 2014 flood. Many roads were damaged by the flooding. Unfortunately, the Town’s representative was being told by FEMA that many of these road sites were not eligible for repair. So they called on Simmons Recovery to examine the roads and provide assistance.

Simmons Recovery engaged a licensed professional engineer to evaluate each questionable site and provide an opinion on the probable causation of damage and also provide a recommended scope of work and cost estimate to restore each site to its pre-disaster condition.

When FEMA rotated in their new staff members, as frequently happens, consultants from Simmons Recovery Consulting presented the engineer’s findings on each site. FEMA carefully reviewed our submission and agreed that, based upon the new information, the sites were eligible for repair and, in many cases, replacement.

One road, for example, had 5 culverts that required repairs estimated to cost over $60,000, a large sum of money for small town of only 1,857 residents.

By providing the right information, organized and packaged in the format FEMA requires, SRC was able to coordinate another successful outcome and fund the disaster damage.

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