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Owego Apalachin Central School District

It is a lasting legacy, one that would not exist if it were not for the sophisticated guidance and leadership of Ron Simmons and his team at SRC. Every project has an architect, but in our case, we really had two. One designed the buildings. Ron Simmons functioned as the “project architect,” drafting our overall strategy, coordinating and serving as the chief negotiator with FEMA, leading the damage assessment and estimating process, securing the funding, overseeing the procurement process, coordinating the environmental reviews, and assuring that we would be well equipped to withstand rigorous audits. None of what we accomplished could have been possible without Ron’s skilled hand on the tiller.

Open Letter of Recommendation

Town of Minden

The Town of Minden suffered significant damage from sever flood storms. After dealing with FEMA for over six months with little progress, dissatisfied they hired Simmons Recovery Consulting to represent them, read their testimonial here.

Open Letter of Recommendation

Town of Conewango

Simmons Consultants know their way around the governmental rules and regulations of FEMA/SEMO. We received considerable more FEMA funds with their knowledgeable help then we would have trying to muddle through this on our own.

Open Letter of Recommendation

Village of Silver Creek

The village of Silver Creek and Ralph and I personally would recommend your company to anyone who experiences a disaster and needs to put in a claim to the State Emergency Office and FEMA.

Open Letter of Recommendation

City of Binghampton Dept. of Public Works

I strongly recommend that you consider Simmons Recovery Consulting to assist you in meeting your post disaster needs.

Open Letter of Recommendation

Lake Erie Regional Health Systems

It is my pleasure to unequivocally recommend the services of Mr. Ron Simmons and staff of Simmons Recovery Consulting. Ron readily established himself as a highly credible and well informed resource for our organization immediately following the devastating flood of August 2009 that resulted in the permanent closure and demolition of Tri County Memorial Hospital in Gowanda, NY.

Open Letter of Recommendation

Village of Gowanda

The performance exhibited by Mr. Simmons went above and beyond my expectations.  The Village could not have successfully responded to this devastating natural disaster without his thorough knowledge of FEMA/SEMO regulations and excellent understanding of Engineering and construction principles.

Mr. Simmons displayed the technical knowledge and also demonstrated exceptional operations and management skills. His ability to interact effectively with multiple agencies and organizations and achieve successful outcomes, gave us what we needed most in this trying time, hope and confidence.

Open Letter of Recommendation

Lake Erie Regional Health System

Simmons was able to get everyone focused on the issues at-hand rather than the hurdles that blocked the view to the goal. The results were incredible.

They have a fantastic ability to strategize and create plans that lead to successful outcomes.

The personnel of Simmons are the ultimate professionals. They have proven to be valuable assets to our Executive Strategy and Construction Team.

Open Letter of Recommendation

Village of Nichols

The Village of Nichols was facing an overwhelming situation.

We retained Simmons Recovery Consulting to help us prove to FEMA that our levee system is and has been operating up to FEMA requirements since it was built in 1972 by the Army Corp of Engineers.

SRC did a wonderful and professional job for the Village of Nichols.

Open Letter of Recommendation

Grund Engineering

Mr. Simmons represents the people of our State well. He is a breath of fresh air in a stuffy situation of Federal laws, regulations, and practices. Many of these practices make little sense and are often not subject to rational discussion and fact-finding.

While this situation has led others to settle for a bureaucratic status quo, Mr. Simmons looks to get the job done - quickly and fairly – with our State’s interest in mind.

Open Letter of Recommendation

Cattaraugus County

I am writing to express our appreciation for the fine work done by your staff members Ron Simmons and Bill Sherman in completing the DSR Summary for agencies affected by the June 1998 flooding.

Open Letter of Recommendation

Erie County

I would especially like to commend Ron Simmons on the fine job he is doing in assisting us with the current disaster declaration.

Open Letter of Recommendation